Chicken Bhuna Masala Recipe | Chicken Bhuna Fry Recipe Video

Chicken Bhuna Masala Recipe | Chicken Bhuna Fry Recipe Video
a must watch the method of making chicken bhuna masala recipe or chicken bhuna fry recipe. this is a curry of chicken in a spiced tomato and butter. then we put the fried chicken and add cream sauce. this butter chicken recipe step by step is explained in detail. the process to marinate chicken is explained very well. you can have it with roti or chapati or naan or parantha and other Indian bread. it is a high protein meal that you can have at the lunch and also at dinner. is video main restaurant style chicken bhuna recipe batai gayi hai. this indian chicken recipe is one of the most popular indian chicken recipes. we have cooked this chicken bhuna in restaurant style at home. we have cooked using easily available ingredients such as
boneless chicken or chicken breast boneless
red chilies
kashmiri red chilly powder
green chilly paste
roasted jeera powder
black pepper
dhaniya patta or coriander leaves
dhania power
garam masala
some water
kajus or cashews
we have marinated the chicken with curd and some spices. the method of roasting is very well. to make the chicken, clean and wash the chicken well. cut it into small pieces and transfer it in a mixing bowl to marinade or marinate. add salt , black pepper powder, red chilli powder, ginger garlic paste, green chilli paste, and vinegar. let it rest for about half an hour. put some oil in a pan and allow the jeera to splutter in it. further, add onions and stir on medium flame until golden. once the onions are golden brown in color add turmeric powder and ginger garlic paste. add other spices and lower the heat. later add, tomato puree and some more spices till tomatoes are cooked well and the ghee. later add the marinated chicken, cashew paste, and curd, keep adjusting the flame until the chicken is cooked and tender. you can add water as per the consistency of the gravy. to see the recipe in detail you can watch this chicken bhuna masala recipe video. the recipe is explained in hindi. chicken bhuna masala recipe is a must try dish or recipe. there is a deep richness in flavor. you can also have it with roomali roti. do make chicken bhuna masala or chicken bhuna fry and enjoy it with your family and friends

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